Websites That Meet Your Business Needs

Take some pictures, add some text, and you have a website, right? No, not really.

You need a plan that addresses the needs of your potential clients. Who’s your potential audience, why would they come to your site, what will keep them there? What will get them to sign up or buy a product?

Address that first and then you can plan a website that works for your business, one that will help your business grow. I’ll guide you through design and marketing decisions and take care of the necessary technical issues. You’ll end up with an attractive, flexible website that’s both technically efficient and secure.


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Two Approaches to Building Your Site:


Custom Sites

Get a custom design specifically tailored to your individual business. Add e-commerce, product or portfolio displays, blogs, contact forms and more. Keep your site current and your visitors informed.


Quick Start Sites

Start with a template that fits your business and I’ll customize it as much or as little as you want. Saves on costs while providing all the standard functionality a business needs, including making your own updates.

Choose the plan that works you and your business. I can also help you update and improve your current site.

Some of the requirements I’ve fulfilled for clients:

  • “Brochure” sites promoting particular services or products
  • E-commerce sites
  • Membership sites
  • Sites with advanced search capabilities
  • Complex online sales and scheduling
  • WordPress Multisite installations for multiple franchises
  • Sites in multiple languages

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Let’s talk about what your site needs and what fits your budget.


Your site should make a major contribution to your business. That requires keeping up with technical, regulatory and marketing changes, too much additional work for most clients. So I’m always available to offer needed support.

The most important technical requirement for your website is to keep it secure from hackers and malicious bots. Good hosting, regular updates, security plugins and firewalls are the major ways to keep your site safe and secure. I provide those services through a low-fee monthly contract.

I also keep up with other Internet developments that require changes on your site and let you know what we need to do about them. 

Other types of support – help with adding new items, design changes, promotional pages or sections, new programming, and more – are available at my hourly rate.

Support Example

In recent years, clients who do business with the European Union needed to change their sites to comply with the new GDPR requirements. I studied the reams of information on the subject and distilled the specific action items we needed to take for clients who have business dealings with the EU.

Result: new privacy policies, cookie plugins, and consent checkboxes on forms.

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