Minneapolis Web Designer

I started Anami Designs in 2000 with the idea of creating high quality websites for small to medium-sized businesses.

The Internet is a rapidly changing landscape, one that’s hard for smaller businesses to keep up with. I’ll help you create a website that promotes your unique business goals. I can help you develop an Internet marketing plan that suits the needs and budget of your business.

The Right Team for Your Project

On paper, I’m a single-person company. When the project requires it, however, my contacts with other freelancers – programmers, videographers, designers, and photographers – allows me to expand to meet the needs of your project. This flexibility saves on the overhead costs of larger companies, savings that are passed on to you.

It also means you’re getting the services of experts in their fields, who, like me, have a passion for their work.

Flo Nelson

More Than Minneapolis

A note about location: I’m located in Minneapolis (and love it here!). The majority of my clients are in Minneapolis, but I have clients from Wisconsin to Virginia and am happy to work with clients anywhere in the U.S. The basic principles of Search Engine Optimization apply to any location.

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