Rainbow Station provides exceptional child care services ranging from nursery school to after-school care at 10 locations in the U.S. They also provide sick-child care and summer camp experiences.

When we first started working with them, they wanted to convert their existing php site to a WordPress site to make it easier for staff members to update. Each location needed its own separate site and administration, which we handled by using a WordPress multisite installation.

A second project changed the design and added considerably more content, most of which needed to be shared on each school site. Since the functionality for doing that doesn’t exist natively in WordPress, we added it. Now content added to a specialized section of the main site gets shared with all the other sites. Each school can add their own news, events, and school tour pictures, as well as additional pages. A search function lets users find the school closest to them. Users can sign up for a school tour, summer camp, or sick care through the site. And each classroom can add items to its own section in a for-parents-only area.

We also made sure that the excellent site design, provided by Randall Branding, works on mobile devices.