Education Consulting Services
Education Consulting Services

Anami Designs offers the following consulting services to educational institutions developing online courses:

Assessment and Planning

  • Based on college and department goals, assess overall needs for training, equipment, and software
  • Assess individual instructor needs
  • Develop comprehensive plans to meet goals

Instructor Training

  • Help instructors understand the similarities and differences between online and traditional classroom teaching
  • Assist instructors in developing a comprehensive plan for their online courses
  • Train instructors in using the software needed for their courses, including course management software, web page development software, graphic software, and multimedia software
  • Teach instructors how to add interest, variety and interactivity to their courses
  • Create and maintain web site for instructors – instruction, handouts, and multimedia demonstrations of tasks

Template Creation

  • Create course templates that automatically give course pages a more professional appearance

One to One Instructor Assistance

  • Help to solve problems, answer instructor questions
  • Assist with setting up courses

Student Training

  • Create tutorials to teach students how to use the course management system

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