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Quick Way to Build a Mobile Site

I recently found myself in the same situation as a lot of small business owners. I didn’t feel a need to redo my site, it works on desktops and tablets, but I wanted it to work on mobile devices. Responsive design (more on that another time) would be a good answer normally, but I would […]

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Problems with AdWords Express

AdWords Express promises to manage your AdWords accounts for you, essentially to do all the thinking for you. According to this article,, that could cost you a lot of money. The article contains a link to another post and comments that address the same issues. AdWords Express manages your whole campaign, from keywords to […]

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Improving Your Site’s Photos

[UPDATE: sadly, picnik has been bought up. Try for similar features – very easy to use] When I create web sites, I always pay attention to the quality of the photos on the site – clear, crisp pictures make a big contribution to the professional look of a site. So if you’re adding your own […]

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Google Places: What Not to Do

If your market is local, it’s crucial to be listed in Google Places. Places results show up at the top of local  listings. However, one of my clients recently became a case study on how easy it is to get de-listed from Google Places. When updating their address, they left old addresses in their profile […]

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Getting Found

“Build it and they will come” might work well for ballparks – at least at first – but it doesn’t apply to your website. Ideally, you should have a plan for getting people to your site even before you start building it. For most sites, the domain name, the text you put on the page […]

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