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I started Anami Designs with the idea of creating high quality websites for small to medium-sized businesses.

The Internet is a rapidly changing landscape, one that’s hard for smaller businesses to keep up with. My goal has been to not only keep up with technical changes and apply those to my clients’ sites, but also to understand what marketing techniques can be effective for small businesses.

By partnering with or subcontracting to larger companies, I’ve gained experience with larger sites and more complex marketing plans. It’s knowledge I’m happy to bring bring back to small to midsized companies.

On paper, I’m a single-person company. When the project requires it, however, my contacts with other freelancers – programmers, videographers, video processors, other designers, and photographers – allows me to expand to meet the needs of the project. This flexibility saves on the overhead costs of larger companies – savings that are passed on to you.

It also means you’re getting the services of experts in their fields, who, like me, have a passion for their work.

Flo Nelson

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