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Mobile Version of Anami DesignsI recently found myself in the same situation as a lot of small business owners. I didn’t feel a need to redo my site, it works on desktops and tablets, but I wanted it to work on mobile devices. Responsive design (more on that another time) would be a good answer normally, but I would need to redo the site.

Enter dudamobile. For a small monthly fee, I was able to create a mobile version of my site that’s pulling from the content on my main site. Even better, I was able to change what did and didn’t get pulled from the main site and how it looks on mobile devices. I spent 8 – 10 hours setting the site up, customizing and testing it on several different devices. A relatively minor investment to make my site readable on someone’s phone. Before, mobile devices showed either a tiny, unreadable version of the site or a page that had to be scrolled in multiple directions or just a chopped page – not good!

Dudamobile is a great solution for small biz owners who don’t need a site update, but who are getting mobile users visiting their site. I do recommend having professional help with the initial setup. Signing up is easy, but there’s some tweaking to do – menus, formatting, deleting unnecessary items. I think it’s especially important to customize the look of your mobile site and not use one of the provided templates. Users should see a site that is consistent with your main site in terms of branding, colors, etc.

I’m still doing some tweaking on my mobile version, so if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it.

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